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Create a Surge of NEW Customers and

Extract More Money From Most Businesses…

Without having to spend up big!


All done for you, in a revolutionary marketing system that GIVES you a host of complete, fill in the blanks, templates!  PLUS an entire coaching manual and audio program with every conceivable, insider, money making strategy ‘under the sun’.

*Supercharge Your Business, Using Innovative, Power Marketing!

The Advanced Cash Generation System...

  • A complete Audio program
  • A manual of the transcripts
  • AND a step by step 252 page ‘turn key’ coaching manual with ready to use templates you can immediately utilize.

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Let me make you a big promise that may be difficult for you to believe.  If you master my “Advanced Cash Generation” marketing system, I believe you will hold in your hands a literal key can open the vault to huge amounts of money. 

This is NOT some ‘get rich quick trickery’ – this is for serious entrepreneurs who are willing to do the work, to get excited and actually implement these Power Formulas.

Imagine being able to create more incoming cash, a big surge in customers, know how to dominate many markets…. and end the struggle, WITHOUT having to spend a lot of money doing it!

I know, I know, that may sound like a lot of hype but before you disappear, LET ME PROVE IT to you.


How The Discovery of a single thing, Opened the Floodgates to Massive Profits….


I started my first real business, decades ago and to be honest I was petrified!  Without any experience, I had opened a real estate office.  I had a wife and a young three-year-old child who depended on me. 

I was up to my eyeballs in a bank overdraft and looking down the barrel of financial oblivion.  It was the end of the first month and we hadn’t made a single sale. 

At first, I thought my biggest hurdle was that I was the only person in the area who had not had direct experience in the industry.  I remember lying awake at night thinking, “I’ve really blown it now.  I’ll never be able to compete with all these slick guys, cruising down main street in their Jags.”  My wardrobe looked like an image consultant’s nightmare – no suit, one tie and 2 pairs of business trousers.  One was worth $19 and the other, $17.

I was fortunate to discover powerful strategies that achieved results beyond my wildest dreams.  And what were those powerful strategies?  Cutting edge, largely unknown and rarely used Marketing Strategies.

At first, I could not believe the results.  After just under 4 months, we were the top selling agency in the area.  Later, I changed track and opened a project marketing company, where every member of our sales force was in the top 1% of producers in the country.  In the last 18 months of that incredibly successful business, I was working an average of 10 hours a week for 8 months of the year.  The rest of the time I was skiing in Colorado, driving my Porsche or vacationing in some other exotic location.

I left that business and have now trained tens of thousands of entrepreneurs on 3 continents in how to make MORE CASH PROFITS from their business.


How Does This Relate To You?


Are you looking to become successful and achieve your dreams?  Because if you are then you only have a couple of choices.  You can slave away; working even harder or you can discover powerful, cutting-edge strategies that have the potential to launch you into the dream life you always wanted.

If I had to attribute one of the big things to my success and the countless people I have trained I would boil it down to knowing the little known secrets of marketing.

My Advanced Cash Generation System is so powerful that you will literally be champing at the bit to try out these incredibly dynamic strategies that can make your dreams a reality.  And I promise you this – I won’t confuse you with a lot of intellectual mumbo jumbo.  I make it very simple so that you can go out there and use the same information that have worked for successful entrepreneurs worldwide. 


Of course, I cannot guarantee you any results – I don’t know your situation – however what I can say is that this program has worked for a lot of people.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!
  • In this powerful system... you will learn how to outthink, outsell and outwit competitors in your industry!

  • You will discover the secrets that I believe can lead to lifelong success and master revolutionary techniques that will turn you into an awesome entrepreneur!

  • You will discover how many of my clients generated more profits from their customers, no matter which way the economy goes – even on a tiny budget!

  • Discover Powerful, direct response, money making strategies. 


This Complete Tool Kit Has no Rival…


What’s in this Incredible system? 


Check this out:

While most marketing systems focus on one or two areas – such as how to be a great copywriter or how to get low cost advertising and publicity, or how to attract clients and increase your profits – THIS System covers all of that and almost EVERY conceivable marketing strategy (with the exception of social media) to massively accelerate your success and profits. 

It ALSO has 77 action steps and “Fill in The Blanks” templates that you can specifically apply to grab more profits, opportunities, clients and cash. 

This has been 11 months in the making and endless hours to ensure you get the most comprehensive and advanced profit increasing system available.

It’s for the entrepreneur who wants to know how to massively increase their success and profits.

It consists of a Complete 252-page coaching manual that is literally stuffed with information.  A complete, audio recording from a special closed door, seminar I did – all on money making, marketing skills, plus a full transcript’s manual.


You Don’t Have to Trust Me….


Now, I know that you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. But...don't take my word for it.  The accolades and feedback from this program have been totally stunning! 

Here is what people said who came to the recorded seminar (and these people never got to see THE ADDITIONAL mind-blowing information in the 252 page coaching manual):

“The cash generating strategies blew me away!  I would recommend this seminar to anyone.” 

                                              John Tolomaki, M.D, Jodak Contractors


“More than exceeded my expectations!  Shows you incredible strategies that you can implement immediately.  Brendan’s knowledge and experience are not to be missed!”

Angus Napier, Chartered Accountant


“Totally exceeded my expectations!  As a successful businessperson he has given me tools and strategies that I can apply straight away to increase my wealth and success.  Thank you for making this possible.”                                              

Porous Dumasia, Businessman.


“Just what I needed to get off the treadmill.  The entire weekend was sensational!  Jam-packed with techniques to massively increase your financial success.”

Julie Michell, Businesswoman


“I have attended numerous wealth and investment seminars.  How I wish Brendan’s seminar was the first.  He is the best!  Remarkable seminar that I will recommend to anyone who wants to discover the truth of success."                                                      

Steven Teo, Retired Businessman


“One of the best and most profound seminars I have ever attended.  Tons of absolutely remarkable strategies to grow your business and generate wealth.”      

                                            Jacquie Tapere, Producer, Lightbulb Technologies.


“A powerful, valuable seminar that empowers you to take action and shows you the path to wealth and success.  Brendan’s energy and passion is a pure inspiration.”          

Ant Carter, Business Navigator, Cardinal Solutions.


“Awesome 2 days Brendan! The specific strategies are the pathway to revolutionize my profits.  I only wish I had learned this before I started my business.”                   

Hirini Reedy, Director, Tu Strategies Ltd.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!

** The comments above are just the recorded information BUT the Real Enchilada is the Additional Coaching Manual.


What's in the ADDITIONAL Coaching Manual?

Check this out:


Which of these Powerful Secrets would Most Interest You? 

  • How I got 1.3 million dollars worth of advertising and publicity and paid only $7,000.  I will show you how to use a step-by-step technique.

  • How to create a host of extremely profitable income streams from your business.  This segment alone will probably make your head spin with excitement.  You will see how there are large, untapped cash-profits already sitting in your business, just waiting to be harvested.  You will learn cutting edge ideas that can catapult and transform your bottom line. 

  • How to exponentially increase your clients and customers and fill them with a passion to purchase your services and products.

  • How I increased one companies advertising results by a whopping 900% without raising their advertising budget one cent.  I will show you how you can get big results even from a small advertising budget.

  • The 9 questions you MUST ask, before entering or buying into any business.  Avoid “buying a job” with long hours!  Discover how to turn something average into a highly profitable enterprise.  This 9 Step Process to Evaluate the Explosive Potential of a Business is worth the cost of the entire course.   Don’t leave home without this one – it’s a phenomenal step by step series of questions you must KNOW.

  • The Goldmine Formula.  Use this powerful formula to analyze the explosive profit potential of any business. 

  • The REAL KEY to a Long Term Sustainable Business and Increased Motivation.

  • Eliminating Areas Of Business Sabotage.  When I look around, to be honest what I see is a vast army of businesspeople, all with guns, busily shooting themselves in the foot!  And I am not kidding or exaggerating.  Find out how to never do this again!

  • The Ultimate Key to Making Money In Business.   This one thing alone is unused by the vast majority for businesses – at their peril.

  • Using the Phenomenal Power of Income Time vs. Busy Time to Make Serious Money.  Discover the core areas of what makes you money in your business, right now!

  • The 5 Ultimate Ways to Generate Cash.   There are only 5 ways you can make money from a business – knowing this crucial information can save you a lot of time and put you on the path to “speed income”.

  • The Essential Process to Determine ‘Client Cost’ to Maximize Profits.  Net Profit are the 2 words you should live by.  Make sure the ‘acquisitional cost’ of procuring a client isn’t killing you.  Here is an easy step by step way of finding out what your costs are.

  • The Unique Formula to Massively Increase Client Retention & Profits.  Discover this formula of how to get more clients coming back and staying in your business.

  • Why you Must Categorize your 3 Types of Clients to Work Less and Increase Profits.  A little known secret that can save you endless hours, massively reduce your stress and dramatically increase your profits.

  • "How to Dramatically Increase Your “Attractor Factor” to Potential Clients.

  • How to Maximize your Marketing Potential even on a tiny budget to generate more income in less time.

  • BIG Results from a Small Advertising Budget..   The secret strategies that can produce giant profits without having to spend a fortune.

  • Marketing In Vertical & Horizontal Markets – Choose Wisely!  Literally billions of dollars are wasted each year because people violate this essential principle – don’t become a victim of this big mistake.

  • Copywriting Secrets that Creates BIG Results. A straightforward, powerful approach to getting big results out of your copy, without having to spend a lot of time or money.

  • The 21 Laws of Sales Letter Mastery.   The “insider” laws of what to do to write sales letters that can create huge paydays.  This is worth the cost of the entire course alone – all the guess work is taken out.

  • The Powerful Sales Letter Template that can produce big results – it’s all done for you – no more guess work…just fill in the blanks and you could be on your way to more profits.

  • The Remarkable Process to Create Big Results with Lower Costs.

  • Direct Mail - The Hidden Powerhouse to Profits. Think direct mail is a thing of the past?  Think again… entrepreneurs, (myself included) are using this to make more money from their campaigns.   Here are all the direct mail secrets that show you how to make a serious income.

  • The Power of Demographics to target your clients and create whole new income streams!  This is powerful stuff! Discover how you can tap into markets and find what your clients really want… who they are…. where they live… how they think.  Grab yourself a huge competitive advantage!

  • The 6 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Offer.  Leave just one of these steps out and your offer can fall apart.

  • The 4 Vital Steps to Keeping Customers.

  • A Remarkable Customer Appreciation Template that gets your clients to be life long loyal ambassadors of your business…they will go out of their way to not only come back for me BUT promote you!  It’s all done for you – fill in the blanks.  One of my clients used this one strategy to massively grow his business.  

  • The Secrets of Getting Referrals.  All the strategies you need to get an endless stream of referrals coming into your business.

  • Networking Script that Create REAL Results.  This one is so powerful… it’s a mind-blowing, simple strategy to create huge results at any networking/ party or function.  Just say these “magic words” and people will be amazed… your standing will go through the roof and open the doors to new business opportunities.  After you speak, everyone else is going to sound really boring after you hit them with this.

  • Business Partnering Strategies to Lower Risk & Increase Profits.  There’s an old saying, “The only ship that never sailed is a partnership.”  I have seen a lot of heartache because people went into partnerships the wrong way.

  • The Keys to Strategic Alliances - The Fast Way to the Top.   Strategic Alliances can generate big profits if you do them right.  Here’s how!

  • The 5 Secrets of Risk Reversal to Dramatically Increase Sales.  This is a big secret that very few business people do.  The rare ones that do it, do it with price, however there are 5 ways to do it that can dramatically increase sales.

  • 3 Little Known Strategies to Harvest a Low Cost Sales Team.  Want to build a low cost sales team?  Here’s how.

  • The 11 Step Process to Getting Low Cost Publicity & Advertising.

  • 40 Brilliant Low Cost Marketing Ideas.  This is phenomenal information for those who are on a low budget.  I call this section, “40 Ways to Create a Grassroots Firestorm.”  Because that is exactly what they can do.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!

Don’t Be Led Up The Wrong Path!


I don’t want to boast but there is something you should know.  I was successful in the real world before I started teaching this.

Lesson one: “would you take health advice from someone that was 40 kilos overweight and just had their second heart attack?”  Lesson one is, figure out if your mentor has gone at least as far as you want to go.  It’s called walking the talk. 

Lesson 2 is make sure you learn from someone who knows how to use innovative strategies, not the same rehashed formulas that everyone else is using.  Let me explain.

Recently someone told me that the only way to increase the number of sales was to massively increase their marketing budget.  Yet in just one technique alone, I show you how I got 1.3 million dollars worth of advertising and publicity and paid only $7000! 

I rarely, if ever do one-on-one consultations. If I did it would cost you a minimum of $30,000 a day.  You can get all this for a fraction of the price and in one comprehensive system.

I know it might sound corny and you have every right to be skeptical, but the truth is I do like helping people and I believe this product can help you!


There is at least $10,000 Value In The System Alone

However, it won't cost you that.


The value of this system is huge. For example, there are copywriting kits out there that are selling for over $2,000. There are publicity systems that are selling for $1200 and upwards. And these are just TWO tiny parts of my system. I give you the facts so you can go out there and do it.

The publicity section (which is a mere fraction of the program) is the SAME system I used to generate $1.3 million dollars in advertising and publicity and pay only $7000.  What is that worth to you?

If you added up everything in the manual, it might cost you ten thousand dollars and probably a LOT MORE. However, it will not cost you that…If you add up what the program can do for you – well it’s inestimable.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!

How Does It Work?


You get the audio recordings of a 2-day, closed door, power marketing seminar.

Plus the seminar transcripts.

Plus the coaching manual full of ready to use templates and step by step action formulas to get you flying.

The Cost is AUD$2,000 (Australian Dollars) That's a small price to pay to learn the skills that can show you how increase the profits and success of almost any business.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!

Look at it this way – The money and time you are going to invest is a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you could make with my proven system. 

I am incredibly excited about this program BECAUSE I know what's in it and I know what it has done for some of my clients. This is a real opportunity to learn the skill of advanced cash generation. I believe it’s an opportunity to massively increase your profits and success.

Warm regards

Brendan Nichols


P.S. This program has the potential to bring in ten times more than the cost. In fact, if truth be told – what you will learn in the program is a lifetime skill. How much is that worth to you?

Last thing.  Ask yourself this question – “What does freedom mean to me?”  Is it more wealth, the freedom to travel or very simply living a life of your own choosing?  

I am going to let you in on a big secret.  Whatever it is that you want; there is only one person in the entire world that can give it to you.  And that is you!  You hold the power to your personal freedom. 

People spend $10,000 on renovating their kitchen (this program is a fraction of that cost); yet often balk at spending time and money on the most important resource in the world – themselves. You have within you the power to achieve your dreams.  This program is an investment in a greater life and a more successful future.

Order the Advanced Cash Generation System Now!


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