Announcing The FIRST EVER Accelerated

Copywriting Program on How to Write Advertisements…Social Media… Sales Letters… Websites… Radio Ads… Direct Mail Pieces 

– ANY TYPE OF ADVERTISING AT ALL – That Can Create A Swarm Of Hot, Eager Buyers and Help You Totally Dominate YOUR Niche With Less Risk Than Ever Before!"


1. Want to be flooded with new leads and customers? 


2. Bring in a 100%… 200%... a 500% return on investment? 


3. Discover the most powerful, cash generating advertising secrets available? 

Using Only the Power of Words I Have Made Up To 6 Figures from Sending One Email!


My name is Brendan Nichols. I have personally made millions of dollars by the power of the written word.

And yes, I have made 6 figures from one email. And this information is not just for emails. It’s every kind of advertising.



Is This Possible for Everyone?

  1.  No. Because Most People Just Want To Get Rich without working…

  2. Or they want some single, secret hack to make it big. Good luck with that.

  3. Or they do not want to advertise. 

In other words, they are not committed. However, if you are committed…then the tools in this program are phenomenal. 


What is The Big Secret?

A big component of my success across several businesses was copywriting. It’s something I have studied for decades. 

In this home study program, it’s not just my knowledge you receive. You also get the knowledge of an extraordinary, international copywriter, Alexi Neocleous. 

His sales copy even got the attention of the legendary Warren Buffett. Mr. Buffett received one of Alexi’s sales letters and invited him to be a guest at his company’s annual general meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. He’s written advertising copy for bestselling authors… world renowned seminar leaders… and multi-million dollar business owners.


I don’t care how much knowledge you have about secret, social media strategies – IF YOUR MESSAGE SUCKS – if it’s not great copy – THEN IT’S MONEY DOWN THE DRAIN!

… If you’re sick and tired of being
told how easy it really can be to make money in business, only to feel
frustrated about the “lack of business” you’re struggling with at the moment…

… If you’re frustrated about all the tried (and failed) ads, brochures, web copy, sales letters, etc. that have drained your bank account…

… you’re about to receive something so valuable… so darn important that I believe you will finally understand how a big piece of the puzzle works.

For years people have been asking me “Brendan, how do you make so much money… take so many holidays… lead such a magnificent life and still work from home for the few hours you do?” 


"I used Brendan Nichols’ Advanced Cash Generation System and created a mind
blowing result. I wrote a single marketing piece that brought in 28 joint venture partners, each of whom are offering me between $30,000 to $100,000 to invest in my property ventures. I was amazed that I could generate such a huge amount of money in such a short time. After 3 days I had to withdraw the offer because the response was so great. I believe that it would be almost impossible for anyone in business to use these incredible techniques and not get amazing results that created more money and profits. The system has so many other tips and techniques; I just can't wait to try them all."  
Nora Surya, Brisbane, Property Investor
"The work I have done with you has significantly impacted my life, my relationships and my financial success. I run two highly successful businesses and now live in my dream home, an 8-acre waterfront property on a large lake. I have what I consider an extraordinary life. Many thanks for your contribution and great work."
Jeff Muir, Author of How to buy a home with a month's wages, Jenrey Pty Ltd
"Brendan Nichols Maverick Marketing tools work! At 23 years of age and running my first show, I didn't have the money to do expensive advertising. I used the exact techniques he described to generate $9,400 worth of free publicity, radio spots, advertising, local directory publications and newspaper articles. I was incredibly happy with the result."             
Daniel Fenech, Sydney

There are a few answers to the question, mindset is definitely one of them… however… the big KEY reason why I have created such a magnificent life is because I know how to sell with the written word. That’s it. That’s my big secret.

And so whenever anybody asks me ways to accelerate their wealth, right at the top of the list is learning how to write copy. When you know the secrets we’re going to share with you in The Ultimate A-Z Copywriting & Advertising Seminar

YOU WILL be given a “paint-by-numbers” step by step system to write any piece of sales copy quicker and easier than ever before. We’ll show you the systems and checklists we use in our own copy to pump out sales messages that pull $$$ in like clockwork. 

With these skills, clients of ours have got their existing clients to come back and purchase again and again… literally persuade “lukewarm” prospects to become motivated champions for their product.!

How is all this possible? It’s simple! Everything you’ll learn is about human buying psychology – how people actually think and what they need to see and hear to be persuaded. 

The media you use it in is virtually irrelevant. By the end of the program, you’ll walk away with principles you can adapt, modify and “massage” to use in ANY situation… 

in ANY selling environment… in ANY media for your business. Of course, you need to check the laws and see what you can use in your industry and country. You can see the power of the results in the testimonials from people – of course we cannot guarantee the same results or any results at all. These are not typical. Your success will be determined by many factors, including your background, business and personal drive.


Why The Ultimate A-Z Copywriting & Advertising Seminar

Is DIFFERENT From Anything before…


What you’ll discover in The Ultimate A-Z Copywriting & Advertising Seminar…has nothing to do with traditional ad writing. Not by a long shot. What you’ll get is unlike anything else. Here’s why…

  • Because copywriting doesn’t have so much to do with writing than assembling. And we’re going to show you how you assemble your ad pieces – this makes everything so much easier. We’re going to give you a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers system. 

  • Because we’ve both been writing copy for years and years and years. And we’ve both got the runs on the board as proof of everything we’re saying is true. The smartest thing you can do is learn from the experiences (and mistakes) of others. We’re going to show you everything.

  • Because we both LOVE teaching others these simple to use and highly powerful sales secrets of the written word. It’s taught using Accelerated Learning techniques. This means we’re going to teach you in a way that literally forces you to “get it”. 

  • Because this program is unique. It was only ever held once. We ran it as a live seminar for 2 days to an elite group who wanted the most advanced copywriting secrets available. Here is your chance to get access! 

But it’s more than that…

Both Alexi and I have generated millions and millions of dollars from these secrets. We know what works and what doesn’t. What you’re going to get in The Ultimate A-Z Copywriting & Advertising Seminar…are ONLY the best and most profitable ad secrets… 

These are powerful secrets such as...

  • Why you are always one good sales letter away from success. 

  • 6 cash generating tips that can persuade your prospects to take immediate action! 

  • The basics of writing good ads! 

  • Why competing on price alone can put you out of business in a heartbeat… and how to persuade your customers to buy what you’re selling… even if you’re more expensive! 

  • The most important component of an ad… and… how it’s possible to make a slight change to increase results by up to 500%! 

  • How to start your ads to get your prospect’s attention, and the insider secrets to keep them glued to YOUR ad! 

  • How to get orders from people who have already decided not to order! 

  • The real reasons why people don’t buy from you… and what you can do about it! 

  • 3 insider secrets to have your prospects get off their butts and take action.

  • How to ferret out the real reason why people buy from your competition… and not you! 

  • How to write cash generating ads… even if you were not great at English in high school!


  •  The 10 biggest advertising mistakes you can make and why they’re costing you money! 

  • The steps you must follow to write emotion filled, profit generating ads and sales letters that prospects find hard to resist! 

  • How to multiply the pulling power of your ads with ‘credibility boosters’ so your prospects believe what you say! 

  • The #1 ‘hidden reason’ why people don’t respond to your ads. 
  • How we have developed a successful way to capture interested prospects at very little cost. 

  • How to gather testimonials that are worth their weight in gold! 

  • How to show your prospects a distinct advantage for choosing you above and beyond any of your competitors! 

  • The right and wrong methods for following up with interested prospects! 

  • The keys to making powerful offers to attract new customers!

And much more…


"In just a few short months Brendan Nichols took us from a struggling business to an extraordinary success. His brilliant strategies produced sold out shows, time after time. Our business has literally taken off and our profits have dramatically escalated. If you want someone who knows the fast track to success, he is the guy."                                           
Pia Almarker, Almarker Designs, VIC, Australia
"In the last 12 months after I started working with Brendan the turnover of my business increased by 35% from $2.3 to $3.3 million and our profitability increased by $600,000 in one calendar year. I haven’t done half the things that Brendan has told me to do; if I did I’m sure I would be much more successful. I have found the guidance he’s given me in clarifying my thinking and the way I can provide service to my customers as providing a profound benefit to us and I thank him greatly for all of the help he has given me professionally and personally. Thank you."
Bruce Thomas, Bruce Thomas Lawyers, Brisbane
"Previously our best ever sales from a weekend were $85,441. During a private consultation with Brendan Nichols, he gave me two innovative techniques that I applied in the following weekend that produced total sales of $103,730, an extra $18,289. And that's just on one occasion. He has produced so many other innovative strategies that have dramatically increased our profits and our client base. Working with him is one of the best business decisions I have ever made."           
Julian Dawson, CEO Julecorp, NSW, Australia

Bottom line is thisThere may well be nothing else that will multiply the profits of your business.

Why? Well, think about it... let’s say your website or ad is currently converting one out of every 100.. That’s a 1% response.

What happens if you double that conversion number? Can you appreciate what this means? Instantly you’ve doubled the profitability of your site or ad! 

What if you’re running Google Ads or Social Media ads –  Will this program work? 

Yes, of course! Even more so… if… you know how to write messages that get your prospects’ attention AND knowing the buying triggers.

And then you have plain ol’ lead generation – via newspaper ads… flyers… classifieds… brochures… magazines… TV… radio, etc., etc., You’re going to learn powerful secrets you can use in ANY of these mediums, too.

Alexi was approached to rewrite an ad for one of Australia’s leading daytime television producers. He accepted the job… and… instantly tripled the response rate. 

What’s even more amazing is that he did it again a few short months later in an entirely different business and different industry. The order takers were literally swamped with hot new leads!

Ask yourself… 

… Do you want techniques, strategies and PRINCIPLES for pumping maximum selling power in your ads?

… Do you want the secrets we use every day to overcome buyer procrastination and make prospects act now?

“Very few people truly understand how to write ads that sell. Alexi is one of the exceptions. His copy is powerful and persuasive, and he is 100% dedicated to making you tens of thousands of dollars in sales.
I have no hesitation in recommending his ‘killer’ marketing brain to anyone that wants to get all the customers they’ll ever need.”
"As the bestselling author of over three million books, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best advertising copywriters in the world. 
Out of that group, I would have to say Alexi is one of the most talented and results-producing copywriters I have met. His advice has always translated into increased sales and profits. I recommend him highly!"                        
Dr Robert Anthony, Bestselling Author
"The TV ad Alexi wrote for us brought in 300% more leads. In fact, his campaign was so successful that our call centre couldn't handle the leads, blowing out the phone lines, and creating a follow up backlog of 5 days. We now have to computerise our lead taking so as to keep up with the influx of calls. 
Without a doubt Alexi is the best advertising guy I've worked with. I can't wait to see the results when we roll out the campaign across the country."
Ash Day, Managing Director, Craftmatic Australia

… Do you want our insider tips for crafting powerful offers and attention getting headlines?

Think about this for a minute:

What would it feel like to be able to confidently run every single ad from this day forth with the complete confidence Alexi and I have when we put out a new sales message?

"Brendan Nichols did an outstanding job with our sales team. For one weekend, he rewrote two of our ads, producing over a 700% increase in leads on one ad and over 900% on the other. Any company that is fortunate enough to get him has a distinct advantage."                      
Dr Robe Kellie O'Connor, O'Connor Real Estate, Woolloongabba, Brisbane

How would you feel having more cash coming into your business?

Now let’s talk about your investment.

I rarely consult anymore but if I did, I’d charge you a minimum of $30,000 for the day! 

If you came to Alexi to write a sales letter for you, he would charge you at least $10,000 for standard copy (and he’d be doing you a favor at that price).

So having us BOTH for two whole days is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars. A pittance if you’re going to make many more times that.

The price is only $1,950. A painless drop in the ocean for anyone determined to multiply their business profits and cashflow via the written word. 


I don’t need to tell you what an incredibly low price this really is. Think about what you’re going to get…

  • Amazing secrets to attract more leads and clients at a lower cost than ever before… 
  • How it’s possible to slash your advertising budget to a fraction of what it’s costing you now (this insider idea saved one of Alexi’s clients almost a quarter of a million dollars per year. Ideal for businesses on a budget!) 
  • Why copywriting may well be the MOST profitable skill you will EVER learn – and how to get the skill to write powerful copy in as little as two days! 

It just depends if you want to learn from “The School of Hard Knocks” … or… the easy way. 

Let us show you what we know. It’s a lot less stressful when you have a business that makes money… and more fun. 

… You Get it ALL Over a Two Day Program! And you don’t have to leave home. It’s a fully digital program!



Please consider what will happen to your life if you don’t join us. 

Consider what will happen if you don’t seize the advantage of the remarkably powerful copy and sales secrets we’re going to share with you during our two day, digital program – secrets we’ve used to generate millions of dollars in revenues.

Fast forward one year from now. What does your business look like?

Are you struggling to make your advertising work – pulling out your hair looking for answers why your ads don’t make you money?

We’re going to present it ALL to you in a way that is easy to understand… and… use.

This is a no-brainer decision for you. 

Now it’s up to you…


So, I am just going to close out this message with one final word. There’s virtually no other area of your business that has the potential to bring in more $$$ and attract more leads and customers than writing strong copy.

Think about how much it costs to run advertising… to set up websites… and get traffic to your website. Don’t you think it’s wise if you’re going to spend money in these areas to grow your business that your MESSAGE actually sells?

The decision is now yours…




Brendan Nichols 


P.S. Still undecided? Just think about what our copywriting strategies can mean to your business. Do you think it's possible we may have an idea or two that will put MORE money back in your pocket?



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