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The vast majority of, the tens of thousands of people, who first came to my programs fall into these categories:

  • They work long hours for not enough reward. They want to have a lot more success and the money to have a life!

  • They are torn between their home life and the business, and business
    keeps winning.

  • Things just being hard ALL OF THE TIME. Are you tired of wishing for
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Hey there! Brendan Nichols here...


Hi! I'm Brendan Nichols.

I’m a best-selling author, published by the giant HarperCollins, appeared in the media dozens of times and trained tens of thousands of people globally.

Originally, I came from the real world of business. I had a highly successful project marketing company in the middle of the city, doing full page ads in the big papers, every salesperson in the top 1% - yes, it was a real business.

IF you are thinking, “hey, it’s free, it must be crap.” 

I spent 100+ hours creating this course. It’s CHOC FULL of the most incredible information to show you a better way, an easier way out of the grind and into a life – a life where you make money.

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone talk on business, or making money, the first question I’m thinking is, have they actually done it in the real world?

Sure, I have trained tens of thousands of people around the world, done dozens of media interviews and been a best-selling author – but am I just another speaker?

I started dead broke, then owned a highly successful project marketing company with an office in the CBD - doing big projects, full-page ads in national newspapers and hanging out with business heavyweights – it was a serious business.

It’s some of the same information that my very successful clients have used to create big wins.

I am not saying you will get the results of the testimonials below, or any result for that matter. The results are not typical of everyone. However, these are genuine testimonials from people who took the information and implemented it (big clue there).

"Brendan Nichols’ powerful strategies have massively increased my success. It's put so much money in my bank account that money has become a non-issue - I am now financially free! My lifestyle is now truly amazing, and I am living the life of my dreams. Brendan's information is awesome!"
Ross Mclean, Director; Neptune Products, Auckland, New Zealand.
"Brendan Nichols brilliance has put serious money in my bank account. His strategies and techniques have taken my business from a $0 income to $300,000p.a in 18 months. I only wish I had discovered him sooner. He is remarkable at cutting straight to the central issue of what needs to be done and providing a winning formula. What is even more remarkable is that these formulas are low cost but bring big returns."
Andrew Coldbeck, Director; The Job Shop Australia, Perth, WA, Australia.
"Just one idea from Brendan Nichols led to an additional 1.1 million dollars profit within that calendar year."
Tony McChesney, Director; Compaction Australia, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

...I am one of at the very few educators in the world who was extremely successful in business before I became a teacher...

...and that gives me a certain understanding of what you face in your quest to become financially free...


*THIS IS NOT – the usual regurgitated info that is out there. I believe when you watch this, you will think, “WOW, this is different. This is from someone who has been on the front lines!”


It's FREE!! Check out what you get in this remarkable course:


  • How to avoid the fatal mistakes that the vast majority use in advertising, social media marketing, online and offline sales.

  • The Secret of Ultimate Outcome – How to get out of the rat race once and for all.

  • The Impact Selling Formula – an absolute must for digital marketing.

  • How to Get More Customers & Position Your Marketing for Big Results.

  • How to have a balanced life and keep your ‘soul’.

  • 3 Powerful Strategies to Increase Income.

  • How to increase the Lifetime value of your client or customer.

  • An incredibly powerful formula for Social Media Ads.

  • Do Not Spend Another Dollar in Marketing, Messaging or Advertising Until You Watch This!

  • The #1 Little Known Secret of Becoming Rich.

  • How to have more time to get a life – how I take 3 months holiday a year.

  • How to bust out of your income ceiling.

  • How one man’s weird, ‘wrong way bicycle’ reveals what stops you from making a lot more.

  • The powerful “2 Primary Tasks” you must do every day to immediately increase your revenue.

  • Why your time is running out – this is a real wake up! How to beat procrastination.

  • The Big Secrets of 7 Figure Income Earners.

  • The Law of Leverage - why you must use it to make things soooo much easier.

  • How to create offers that blow people away and create more leads than ever before.

  • The Little Known Reasons Why People Struggle & Never Make Serious Money.

  • The Destructive Mistakes That Leads To Hard Work With Little Reward.
  • The 4 Secrets to Get More Customers & Position Your Marketing for Big Results.

**Mandatory watching for anyone who wants to get ahead**

WHY am I giving this incredible information away for free?

Here’s the undisguised truth. 2 Reasons.


I want to actively turn away certain people – if you want to get rich quick without doing any work, I am not your guy. Yes – I think you will be blown away – it will show you how to do it a whole lot easier – but you have to take action!


Second reason - I want to give you some incredible information that I believe can truly help you so you might consider buying some of my other programs. That’s the truth – refreshing, huh? AND no – I am not going to bomb you with endless emails.

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