Who else wants to defy all normal, ordinary, boundaries on making money -  the speed, the ease, and the amount?

Discover How To Create Maximum Income in Minimum Time?

A Powerful Home Seminar Designed to Create PHENOMENAL SUCCESS.


This seminar system is about MAKING MONEY.   Doing it quicker, easier and in bigger amounts than you may be used to.  It’s about doing it differently!  It’s for people who want the “high octane” formula (and not having to necessarily raise your overheads or expenses).  

*This Is Not ‘Get Rich Quick’. If you don’t want to do any work, don’t bother. This is ADVANCED INFORMATION! This is THE BIG PICTURE. 

This was one-and-a-half-day seminar, Brendan held for some of his advanced students. It’s a unique opportunity to get information that is unlike anything out there.  Discover:

  • The 8 Elemental Positions that create Phenomenal Success.

  • Discover how to double and triple your income in the next year.

  • Know how to prevent the big disasters that destroy your income.

  • The 12 Commando Principles that are used to create a giant income explosion.

  • How to Work Less and Earn More.

  • Discover how to have total control over your business and minimize drama and chaos.

  • How to position your marketing to create massive income explosion.

  • Getting the right people who can propel you to success.

  • Copywriting secrets specifically for high income explosion.

  • The essential statistics you must know to create a giant leap in your business.

  • The big bird theory of getting to the top quickly.

  • The Ultimate business models you must use to generate a big income without excessive work.

Make the Next Year of Your Life, The Best year of Your Life!


This is one of our most unique and advanced programs. It is ideal for someone who is committed to having a quantum leap.

Brendan Nichols is known as the ‘Millionaire Mentor’ by his tens of thousands of grateful business clients around the world who have come to his seminars; this straight-talking entrepreneur is famous for cutting to the chase and showing you the fast track to wealth and success.

He actually did it in the REAL WORLD before he ever taught a single person – in two different, highly successful businesses. 

He shows entrepreneurs how to generate larger cash profits through innovative strategies.

Price $1,250



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