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“Discover the Little-Known, Beliefs and 

Success Strategies That can 

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a Gigantic Financial Breakthrough!”


  • Want to make a lot more money?

  • Fast track your freedom. 

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Read on…

From the desk of Brendan Nichols, trainer of tens of thousands of people around the world and best-selling author.

WARNING – this information will not make me popular.  It is a Huge Departure from what is being sold ‘out there’. 

There are a lot of factors in becoming rich – however there is one that is almost never discussed.

Mindset.  Hidden Sabotage Patterns.  How The Rich Think & Act.

I know, I know… I know what you might be thinking. For heaven’s sake Brendan, just give us a bunch of strategies that will get me there in record time. 

Yes, strategies are important.

BUT did you know there are 18 hidden, sabotage patterns that will destroy and incinerate your dreams of becoming rich? Not one or two – 18 of them. And they are insidious. They sit below the surface and the vast majority wonder why life is such a struggle.

This is not your usual mindset program into becoming rich. This is 3 decades of research. This goes way beyond any other program in the field. 

I consider this the bedrock. The foundation. 

I truly believe if you do not get this right, then no matter what strategies you try, you will suffer limitation, frustration and struggle.

HOWEVER, it is Not Just The 18 Sabotage Patterns that Will Get You…

As Crazy as It May Sound… Wealth is Magnetic… going to those who know how to attract it. 

Napoleon Hill, the author of the all-time classic, ‘Think and grow Rich’ (notice, he used the word, THINK), said “Our brains become magnetized with the dominating thoughts which we hold in our minds…. these ‘magnets’ attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”

This Program shows you the keys of turning on the magnets and ending the struggle. It shows you how the rich create a river that runs toward them. 

This is About the Inner Game…If You Don’t Get the Inner Game Right – then the outer game is usually a struggle.

Are You Are Tired Of: Worrying about money? Working long hours for little reward? Things just being hard ALL OF THE TIME?

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... another damn expert, gibbering on… not quite...

I don’t know about you, but whenever I see someone talk on business, or making money, the first question I am thinking is, have they actually done it in the real world? Sure, I am a best-selling author and trained tens of thousands of people around the world – but am I just another speaker?

I started from ‘stone cold nothing’ in a rented weather board house. Dead Broke! 

I ended up owning a highly successful Real Estate project marketing company, engaged in big projects, working from an office in the Sydney CBD - doing full-page advertising in the National papers. Every one of my sales people were in the top 1% of producers in the country. Serious business.   

I left that to follow my passion and teach my unique system to tens of thousands of people around the world. I know it sounds corny, but I love seeing people breakthrough and have the life they really want.

I don’t say any of this to boast. I tell you this because I’m totally convinced that if I can do it, then you can too. 

I will be the first to tell you - I am TERRIBLE at some things.  Thank God my father in law is a mechanic because I’m useless at fixing anything mechanical.  

However, I believe I know EXACTLY WHAT WORKS and what doesn’t when it comes to Making Money – both online and offline.

More importantly, at this stage of my life I no longer need to work for money.

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The truth is I’ve been able to make some very big chunks of money for myself and other people.   Frankly - I have made quite a lot of people, a lot richer than they were before they met me. Naturally I cannot promise you the same result or in fact any result at all. I don’t know your situation. Here is what one person said (these results are not typical of everyone).  

"Brendan Nichols powerful strategies have massively increased my success.  It's put so much money in my bank account, that money has become a non issue - I am now financially free! My lifestyle is now truly amazing and I am living the life of my dreams.  Brendan's information is awesome!"
Ross McLean, Director, Neptune Products, Auckland, NZ

Your story may be different. However, YOU do have a story.

The questions is -- are you living YOUR STORY. Are you having the life you want?


Have you ever dreamed of living life on your terms, only to awake and find that real life is nowhere near as pleasant? When did things start to go wrong? 

It’s not too late to turn things around! Imagine how much more amazing your life would be if you worked when you wanted and where you wanted? Imagine not having to stress about paying the bills. Imagine being able to go on your dream vacation! Seem too good to be true?

And this brings me to the first little-known truth to financial success:

It’s a terrible tragedy but having trained tens of thousands of people on 3 continents, I would comfortably estimate that 90%, perhaps more, came with extensive baggage that they thought was accurate.  Yet when shown the truth about these beliefs for what they really were, they simply realised what they were:  limiting beliefs.

YOUR beliefs and your actions determine your success.  Simple as that – stick that up where you can see it every day, because that’s the facts.


For the first time ever, I held a closed door, private seminar for a handful of VIP clients and some other people on my private database.  Many were very successful in their own right  – investors, business owners and entrepreneurs who held extreme wealth.

During this exclusive event I revealed a groundbreaking system of breakthrough beliefs, strategies and success philosophies based on WHAT THE RICH REALLY THINK and DO to accumulate massive wealth in record time.

AND they raved about it.  In fact, many told me it was the most POWERFUL money magnet, mindset information they had EVER attended!  It was the first time they had ever seen the entire jigsaw puzzle laid out before them.  A complete blueprint! 

Here are what 3 already successful people said that came to the event:

'This seminar was awesome, amazing, so much great information, so many realisations. God, why don't they teach this to our children in our schools. Thank you so much Brendan.'

Leonie Cowie, Director of LC Consolidated, Brisbane


'Wow, wow, wow! The realizations I got from the weekend blew my mind! I could feel the shift in my mindset immediately! Just awesome. Thank you!'

Kim Baird, Director of Techure Ltd. Auckland


'Awesome seminar, amazing information!  The program provides a step by step guide to bringing more money into my life and building on it.  It contains information which is relevant for now and will be just as relevant in 20 years from now.'

Joy Durrant, Director, Durrant Fiduciary Investment Services, Wellington

THIS IS YOUR Opportunity to get access to that training as a home study program.

This leads me to the second truth:

ORDER “How To Become a Wealth Magnet Home Seminar” Now!

A New, Groundbreaking and Revolutionary System….

I have devised what I believe is the most groundbreaking, revolutionary approach on how to become a wealth magnet.  Yes… how to actually attract and pull more money into your life.  You see I have made a stack of money myself, personally know dozens and dozens of multi millionaires and mentored many of them myself.  

I know what works and what isn’t worth your time.  As I said before, I’m not good at everything.  I can’ t fix machines and used to dance like a duck before my wife Annie took pity on me and taught me some basic moves.  However, this stuff, I know.

Here is what 2 people have said about my consulting and training. Now I am not saying I can promise you the same result, or any result at all. These results are not typical:

'Just one idea from Brendan Nichols, led to an additional 1.1 million dollar profit within that calendar year.  I have been to lots of seminars and seen some world leading experts.  Brendan is the guy I go to when I want ideas that make me money.' 

Tony McChesney, Director, Compaction Australia


'I have attended numerous wealth and investment seminars. How I wish Brendan's seminar was the first. He is the best! Remarkable seminar that I will recommend to anyone who wants to discover the truth of success.' 

Steven Teo, Retired Businessman

A Limited Opportunity is Knocking!

I truly believe this level of information is simply not available anywhere else on the planet.  I know that is a bold statement but the people who came to my private, closed door seminar were quick to agree with me.  


Here is What is in This Remarkable System:

The Audio Recordings, a Manual of The Transcripts AND a Full 2-day Seminar Manual!



  • How to overcome and avoid the fatal mistakes that keep people struggling and in poverty.

  • The Absolutely Crucial Technique you must use to work less hours and make more money.  This rarely used and little know technique is what every Big Money Earner uses to rake in more cash with more ease.

  • The 18 Major Sabotage Patterns that destroy your ability to make money – absolutely essential information!

  • How to have a gigantic financial breakthrough and raise the roof on your income ceiling.

  • The characteristics and behaviours of people that make a lot of money.

  • The 3 simple differences between the rich and the poor.  Anyone that does not know these will continue to struggle.

  • How to focus your time and get extraordinary results in the minimum amount of time.  Discover the secrets of why some people make extraordinary amounts of money in a short period.

  • How to annihilate your debts and move into the positive cash zone, once and for all.

  • The 10 Psychological Success Drivers and understanding which ones will allow you to generate big money.

  • The 12 Laws of Money Attraction.  A revolutionary formula that can create huge financial results in your life. 

  • How to liberate yourself from the core emotion that blocks your path in attracting money.

  • The Revolutionary “Midas Touch Principles” - the core mental and emotional states that are essential to make more money. This information is a total breakthrough!

  • The stunning 3-part formula that can quickly and easily change your beliefs and turn you into a money magnet.

  • The key strategy that allows wealth and money to flow to you.

  • The Revolutionary “Midas Touch Principles” that allow you to experience the core mental and emotional states that is essential to attract more money.  This information is a total breakthrough and worth the cost of the course alone!

  • Exploding those “flakey” myths around money creation and showing you what the rich REALLY do and believe.

  • The keys to working smart instead of hard and how it can cut down on work and actually make your more money.

  • The 7 Money Repellent Principles that will completely cripple your ability to make big money.

  • The 4 types of Activity that produce money and the 2 that are vastly superior in becoming wealthy.

  • The actual language the rich use that the poor do not – how to change your vocabulary to have more money.

  • The little known, single emotional positioning that determines your ability to have financial freedom.

  • Why a lot of extremely good, moral people are dead broke.  Do not fall into this trap!

  • How to massively accelerate the amount of money you make.

PLUS much, much more.


5 Reasons Why You Should Get This Now:


  1. You want to blow off the income/ opportunity ceiling that sits on your head.  Do you ever feel that other people around you seem to make a lot more money for the same effort as you?  Discover how you can do it too!

  2. You want to give more time and a better lifestyle to those you love.

  3. You want to make more money with less effort.

  4. You want to have that amazing life NOW.  In other words: you want to have some amazing vacations, get that car and house you have been dreaming of NOW!

  5. You want to fast track your freedom.




This event is all about transformation – not tiny steps. This event is about you achieving sovereignty and getting more independence over your life. It is about RADICALLY accelerating your outcomes and dreams. 

IT is NOT vague, wafty concepts that do not work in the real world. It’s about practical strategies and behaviours that you need to implement. It’s based on real world examples from many of my extremely successful friends and clients. I have trained tens of thousands of people on three continents and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

MY hope is that you walk out and accomplish more in the next year than you have for the last 5 years. 

What is it Worth?

This information is unique. 

Frankly I think this training is worth more than that because it is ‘the bedrock foundation’ in becoming wealthy.  If you do not know it, I believe all your efforts will be severely handicapped. 

The cost for this entire pack, with the 2 days of audios, the manual of the transcripts of the seminar PLUS a full seminar manual is only AUD $2,000. 

ORDER “How To Become a Wealth Magnet Home Seminar” Now!

Last Tip…

Success requires motion

Ever wondered how some people seem to attract wealth while others repel it?  When you stand back and observe why the answer becomes evident… money attractive people are constantly in motion whereas money repellent people wait for success to find them.

A car can’t jump-start itself.  It needs a power boost AND if you are looking for a power boost to get you started and moving at top speed then do everything you can to GRAB THIS NOW.

It’s time to make the decision. Make sure it’s the right one that opens up new doors rather than let’s you stagnate.

ORDER “How To Become a Wealth Magnet Home Seminar” Now!


Warm regards, 

Brendan Nichols 


PS.  I’m looking forward to showing you how to have stacks of money and how to use it to get everything you want out of life.  This vital program is about mastering your Inner Game – revealing the deadly 18 sabotage patterns and the powerful attraction principles. The principles in this training have worked wonders for me and many other people, now it’s your turn too.

ORDER “How To Become a Wealth Magnet Home Seminar” Now!


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