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The vast majority of the tens of thousands of people who first came to my seminars and read my best-selling books, fall into these categories… DO YOU:

  • Want to Make More Money & Get Out of the Rat Race?

  • Work long hours for not enough reward?

  • Wonder if you’ll ever be able to achieve the good life?

  • Want to know the steps of how to get there?

  • Feel like you're on a treadmill and want more peace and balance in your life?

  • Feel like you are not maximising your potential?


OR ALREADY SUCCESSFUL BUT – want to go to a whole other level?



WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT - My coaching is about becoming aware of what stops you AND what specifically You need to Do.



I am focused on showing you, every cutting-edge idea, to hone in on one simple goal... fixing Whatever is Holding You Back.


I am on of the VERY FEW coaches in the world that was highly successful in the real world before I started teaching...


...and have coached tens of thousands of people over 3 decades, along with writing a best-selling book, published by the giant Harper Collins.



BY the way...IF you want to get rich quick without doing any work - this is NOT your event. Try the lottery (good luck with that). Naturally, I cannot guarantee any result. It does take commitment and application.

I have 2 simple questions for you:  


Do you want to get to there a lot faster? 


Do you feel there is an amazing life out there, but you just don’t know how to get it?


Want some proof? Check this out...

Naturally I can’t guarantee you the same results as it depends on each person’s circumstances.


“I made an extra $2,200,000 in profit in one year from Brendan Nichols remarkable advice and strategies. He showed me how to restructure one business enterprise that was about to yield $300,000 into a $2,500,000 profit. Brendan's genius to get phenomenal results is amazing."
Dr. Raewyn Tierney
Sydney, NSW, Australia

"Brendan Nichols’ powerful strategies have massively increased my success. It's put so much money in my bank account that money has become a non-issue - I am now financially free! My lifestyle is now truly amazing, and I am living the life of my dreams. Brendan's information is awesome!"
Ross Mclean, Director at Neptune Products
Auckland, New Zealand
"Just one idea from Brendan Nichols led to an additional 1.1 million dollars profit within that calendar year."
Tony McChesney, Director at Compaction Australia
Brisbane, QLD, Australia
“The work I have done with you has significantly impacted my life, my relationships and my financial success. I run two highly successful businesses and now live in my dream home, an 8-acre waterfront property on a large lake. I have what I consider an extraordinary life. Many thanks for your contribution and great work."
Jeff Muir, Author of “How To Buy A Home With A Month's Wages”
Jenrey Pty Ltd, NSW, Australia
"Brendan Nichols brilliance has put serious money in my bank account. His strategies and techniques have taken my business from a $0 income to $300,000p.a in 18 months. I only wish I had discovered him sooner. He is remarkable at cutting straight to the central issue of what needs to be done and providing a winning formula. What is even more remarkable is that these formulas are low cost but bring big returns."
Andrew Coldbeck, Director at The Job Shop Australia
Perth, WA, Australia
"I would never have achieved my life of choice if I hadn't joined these events.  Right now, I am living a life where I choose the hours that I work. I can spend time with my family and travel anywhere in the world that has internet, because my business allows that flexibility. "
Leanne Stien, Businesswoman and Developer



FREE Access to my Exclusive Membership Site with over $19,750 of info.


It has EVERYTHING You Need to be Successful!


This is a Vast Library containing the Most Powerful Cash Generating Strategies for Business Success.


Along with the other bonuses you receive it is worth over $19,750 in value – AND that is being conservative.


It’s a lot of my 3 decades of research – some say it’s worth more than $50,000 – but there is so much hoopla on the internet I’m just trying to be conservative.


Little known secrets of cashflow, motivation, income exploding tools, strategies, wealth attraction and power marketing formulas. 


You will find, at your fingertips, OVER 100 unique audios, bulletins, videos and “how-to” guides that are simply unavailable anywhere else online.


The Membership Site includes:

  • An App to use on your phone so you can access recordings, manuals, how to’s and videos wherever you are.

  • My unique “Quantum Accelerator System” that has made people millions – a powerful way to set up your day. It only takes 5 minutes a day. If you do this one thing, your business and profitability can take off.

  • The keys to Social Media marketing that reveal why most funnels fail and what to do about it. This goes beyond the normal ‘how to do a Facebook ad’ – the internet is flooded with that stuff. This shows why most ad campaigns don’t work and how to fix it.

  • Supercharge Your Business, Using Innovative, Power Marketing!

  • Programs and courses on marketing and money-making techniques.

  • Want to get out of a slump, get motivated and become a powerhouse? I have got 49 audio sessions to get you hopping. They are short and punchy, just 10 to 15 minutes each – full of inspiration and business wisdom.

  • Ongoing Updates, Videos and Audios by me on the latest information YOU MUST KNOW to stay ahead of the curve.

  • What if you are one of those people who are disillusioned with your job or business and looking for the next thing? We got that covered too – head on over to our 7-day course on ‘How to Find Your Life Purpose’.

  • How to exponentially increase your clients and customers and fill them with a passion to purchase your services and products.



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PS. Is This Your Moment? THE MOMENT you look back and say, “That was the time when my life took off?”



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